We take Health and Safety Seriously

At A Le Maistre Landscapes Ltd we fully understand the benefits of good safety management and the consequences of poor health and safety management if things go wrong.

Tony Pallot Health and Saftety2Our safety management system has been formulated to take account of three key main areas and covers:

  • Our moral obligation to our valued employees and clients, whereby we do not want to see anyone injured or negatively affected by our work activities
  • Our legal obligations regarding compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Law (Jersey) 1989 and associated regulations
  • The prevention of accidents and the potential financial burden associated with injuries and ill health

The way we implement safety management is by the following:

  • Our health and safety policy sets out how we plan and organise safety
  • Risks are assessed to identify areas of concern and we seek to eliminate risk or reduce risk to an acceptable level
  • We foster a positive safety culture to ensure safety is integrated into how work is carried out

Our ethos is to ensure tasks are carried out efficiently and safely thus ensuring a sustainable business for many years to come.